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Paris Hilton is shooting down those pregnancy rumors.

In a new installment of her This Is Paris podcast titled “This Is… I’m Pregnant??” the star, 40, addresses a report from Tuesday morning that claimed she was expecting her first baby with fiancé Carter Reum.

Hilton, however, says she is not pregnant — “yet.” She says she “can’t wait to have children in 2022” after her wedding.

“I also woke up to about 3,000 texts, all my iPhones are blowing up — all five of them — everyone wishing me congratulations and so happy for me and, yes, I’ve heard from people I haven’t heard from in years. Thank you everyone for all the messages,” she says with a laugh. “It’s a busy day today so I haven’t answered anyone yet, but yes, I am pregnant with triplets. … I am so excited for motherhood.”

“Actually,” Hilton then says, “I’m just kidding. I am not pregnant, not yet. I am waiting until after the wedding. My dress is being made right now so I want to make sure it looks gorgeous and fits perfectly, so definitely waiting for that part.”

Hilton says she doesn’t know where the rumor came from, joking that she “shouldn’t have worn” her push-up bra from her new lingerie line while recently stepping out for dinner in Malibu with Reum.

“People always make up rumors, I’m very used to it at this point, being in the industry as long as I have,” the television star adds.

“… You can’t always believe what you read. I’ve learned that, definitely, over the years of just being in this business.”

She explains that it’s her “dream” to one day have a daughter named London, and she also has a boy name picked out, which she won’t reveal.

“The only thing in the oven at the moment is my ‘sliving’ lasagna!” the Cooking with Paris star jokes, referencing her dish which stands for “slaying and living.”

Hilton and Reum, also 40, got engaged on Feb. 13 after more than a year of dating. She has previously been open about her desire to become a parent.


It’s not unusual for stars to try their hand at cooking for our televised entertainment, but Paris Hilton heading into the kitchen in full glam (and gloves!) for Netflix’s Cooking With Paris promises to make the culinary experience hot(ter than ever).

Across six episodes, The Simple Life star teams up with celebrity pals to sauté, slice, and sear as she masters “exotic kitchen appliances” (there’s a “sparkly Swarovski crystal-covered spatula thing” in the mix) in a very glamorous attempt to bring us new recipes, entertaining tips — and even new words.

Ahead of Cooking With Paris premiering on the streaming service on Aug. 4, we asked Hilton some highly important, burning culinary questions.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Pick your desert-island food.
PARIS HILTON: A potato, because you could do mashed potatoes, french fries, potato chips, or a baked potato. You can make a lot of things out of it. I’m obsessed with McDonald’s french fries, so I’d try and copy those.

What three fictional guests would you invite to a dinner party?
Barbie, Tinker Bell from Peter Pan, and Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I’d make them cupcakes and angel food cake.

If you could have dinner with any three real people, dead or alive, who would they be?
Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, and Madonna. I’d make them penne with pink sauce.

What’s your favorite pop culture food moment?
My Carl’s Jr. commercial. I love it.

If you were to identify as a type of coffee, which would it be?
A vanilla latte.

Name a cooking utensil you can’t live without.
There’s so much cute stuff in my kitchen, [ but I’d say my sparkly Swarovski crystal-covered spatula thing.

Your favorite music to cook to…
Me, “Stars Are Blind.”

If you were in a food fight, what would be your weapon of choice?
The spiciest peppers made into a salsa. I’d throw it in their eyes.

Who is your favorite celebrity chef?
Me. I’m kidding. Martha Stewart.

If you could be a kind of cheese, which would you be?
I guess cheddar, because it’s my favorite.

Name a fashion accessory you can’t cook without.
I’ve always loved gloves for everything. It’s my vibe. My trademark. I think they look great for cooking — it’s just part of the brand.

When you think back on your childhood, what’s the best meal your mom [Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newcomer Kathy Hilton] made?
The thing she taught me that I love making the most is lasagna, but of course I have to change it to “sliving” [one of Hilton’s signature words, meaning slaying + living] lasagna — put a little Paris wisdom into it.

Name a condiment you can’t live without.
Ketchup. I love ketchup on everything.

Cooking With Paris premieres Aug. 4 on Netflix.