May 31: Out in Malibu

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April 05: at Nobu in Malibu

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Paris Hilton is the May cover

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Paris Hilton – It girl, mogul and internet obsession – is the May cover, wearing pink gingham pyjamas while posing with three of her seven adorable dogs. Shot at her home in Beverly Hills, the tongue-in-chic pictures are pure Paris: from standing next to her baby pink Bentley to reading a book about herself while dipping her toes into a swimming pool.

Kinvara Balfour met the star at her mansion in a gated community of LA, where the two discussed everything from Hilton’s plans to become a mother one day (the baby name has already been decided – London – because ‘London is my favourite city in the world’) to what the last 12 months has taught her.

Social media lit up in February with pictures of Paris’s engagement, after her venture capitalist boyfriend Carter Reum proposed to her shortly before her 40th birthday, using a ring custom-made by Jean Dousset, the great-great-grandson of Louis-François Cartier, thought to be worth £1 million.

Speaking of that milestone birthday, Hilton shares the secrets to her enviable glow, explaining it’s all natural, despite living in plastic surgery obsessed Hollywood: ‘I have never done a filler, I have never done Botox, I have never put a needle in my face. I am 100 per cent natural. I have also stayed out of the sun my entire life.’

Lockdown hasn’t slowed Paris down, instead her career is going from strength to strength, as showcased by those incredible Mert and Marcus images of her in the new Lanvin campaign which broke the internet earlier this month. As she explains: ‘I don’t stop. I’m like a machine. I am always working,’ she insists. ‘Now I have even more projects than ever. And being with [Carter], he’s so business-minded, I am so inspired by being with him every day.’

She acknowledges the importance of her fans to her success, too, explaining how special her relationship is with them: ‘I am so close with my fans,’ she says. ‘I have them on WhatsApp with me, I invite them to stay with me, I fly them out to certain things. I am like their big sister. We do these huge Zoom calls where we have hundreds of them on there and we all get together.’


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