The 38-year-old star thinks the reality show – in which she and best friend Nicole Richie tried out a number of low-paid manual jobs – was too “timeless and iconic” to be remade and though she had the “best time” working on the programme for five years until 2007, she doesn’t want to go back.

And Paris admitted she’s now too much of a “serious businesswoman” to play the “character” she did on the show again.

She told TooFab: “They’ve already approached me about it. My schedule is so insane.

I think that show is so, the first of its kind, so timeless, so iconic and so … I don’t know if it could ever be remade.

It’s a different time right now and like, Nicole and I back then, yes of course it was fun doing that and me playing that character, we had the best time with my best friend on road trips all around the world and doing jobs we would never do in our lives and had the best time doing it, but now I’m like a serious business woman.

However, Paris did suggest they could make a different version of the show.

She said: “I think if I was doing that, I couldn’t play that dumb character anymore. Maybe like ‘The Simple Life: Boss Babes.’

These days, the blonde beauty is busy with her music and DJing career, as well as her beauty business and she’s amazed she’s got the chance to release her 25th fragrance, Electrify.

She said: “It’s amazing, I always thought I would have one perfume, when I was a teenager that was my dream. And to be releasing my 25th is just, insane, it’s amazing.


Go Campaign’s 13th Annual Go Gala

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