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In the 2000s, everything from fashion to pop culture was defined by the Hilton sisters. Socialites Nicky and Paris Hilton were at the forefront of the “famous for being famous” era. Their style is the core of the Y2K aesthetic, and their antics were a hallmark of the early aughts’ celebrity blogosphere. Nearly 20 years later, Nicky shares two children with her husband James Rothschild, while Paris recently got engaged to her boyfriend Carter Reum. While the two have both pursued separate careers across the fashion and beauty landscape, more recently, Paris—like her bestie Kim Kardashian—has found a passion for activism.

In her This Is Paris documentary, released in September 2020, Paris talked about the verbal, emotional, and physical abuse she experienced while going to boarding school at Provo Canyon School. As a result, she has become commited to lobbying for regulations within the Troubled Teen Industry by supporting Breaking Code Silence, an organization dedicated to bringing these problems to light. To give fans a better insight into the lives of these two pop culture icons, the sisters spoke with L’OFFICIEL about their childhood bond, family, and secret joint project in the works.

L’OFFICIEL: Were you competitive as a child or did you form a team?
Nicky Hilton: We’ve always been a team, like our whole family; it’s the way we were raised. And probably also because we had different interests, goals and tastes. And we have always been great supporters of each other. My mom used to say that the success of one is the success of the other, it has always been like that.
Paris Hilton: What Nicky says is true, we have always been united. We have never actually been competitive with anyone. We have always wanted the best for us, for our friends, for everyone in the world. And I think this is a wonderful way of being: because what you give, you receive. And I’m very lucky, my sister is also my best friend, I don’t know what I would do without her.

L’O: No quarrels even as a girl?
NH: We were like all teenagers are, we took clothes from each other’s closet, and maybe that was the only reason for the two of us to clash.
PH: When we were little, our mom would dress us as twins, we had double outfits, until we became teenagers, and I started fetching clothes from Nicky’s closet. But we were different, I’ve always been more tomboy, and Nicky more girly, growing up.

L’O: Is there anything crazy you did as kids together?
NH: We liked rodents: hamsters, guinea pigs, mice … all rodents, it’s very strange looking back now.
PH: Yes, we took them to our home in Bel Air, California. There we had a huge dollhouse, it had a living room, bedroom and kitchen. There was also water and electricity. It was gorgeous. We hid them there, so we didn’t upset our parents, who knew nothing about it.

L’O: Do you believe in “sisterhood” between women?
NH: Yes, I believe in the extended sense of sisterhood. And I love the quote that says “empowered women empower women”; I love it when women are together, and support each other.

L’O: You are both models, fashion designers, entrepreneurs, and many other things. What is the most important thing for you right now?
NH: For me the family, being there for my daughters and my husband. The girls are very young, they are three and four years old, and this is a period that passes very quickly … And I want to be there at all times, not to lose anything. I love being a mom.
PH: My family, my boyfriend, and my pets are very important to me. And also #BreakingCodeSilence, the movement I belong to and which I talked about in the documentary This is Paris. It is very important to me. Iit is my new life mission.

L’O: You are entrepreneurs, what kind of boss are you?
NH: I like to think I’m good. I get along well with people and at work I am quite easy going, even if I always go straight to the point. I took from my father, I am serious, direct, and more confrontational than Paris, who took from my mother and is more shy; both are more relaxed and free spirited.

L’O: Paris, for the public, you have always been a divisive figure. How do you feel about that?
PH: There are many preconceptions; Coming from a family with an important surname, I think a lot of people think I take it for granted or that I’m spoiled, that I have always had food ready and haven’t worked a single day of my life. But it is an opinion so far from reality. I have worked hard, and have never behaved thinking that I am different from others. Having seen me in The Simple Life, they assume that I am that way in real life, but it was a role. I am smart. I’m not a stupid blonde, I’m just very good at pretending to be.

L’O: What projects are you working on?
NH: I’m working on a shoe collection with French Sole. They are made 100% with sustainable materials. I’ve wanted to do it for a long time. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting; I would like to have a role in sustainability, because it is the future. Also, I’m working on a children’s breakfast with the brand Dotty Dungarees, which will be launched in the spring. And with Paris we are working on a common project, which this is very nice because we haven’t done that for a long time. It will be a lot of fun.
PH: I’m working on my 29th perfume. And my new beauty company is developing a make up line. Also I’m writing a new book, and I have a TV show coming out for Netflix. I am also working on the new clothing and lingerie collection. I’m very busy. I’m also going to Washington this year to support the cause of Breaking Code Silence.

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Paris Hilton is sharing all of the exciting details about her engagement with Carter Reum.

In a sneak peek at the premiere episode of her iHeartRadio podcast, This Is Paris, the entrepreneur and DJ, 40, says while she was “hoping” Reum would propose, she “was very surprised” when the moment actually happened.

Although Reum, 40, ended up proposing during a trip to a private island to celebrate their February birthdays, Hilton shares that she previously thought he was going to ask her to marry him back in December while they were celebrating their one-year anniversary.

“When it didn’t happen, I didn’t say anything but I was a little bummed,” she says.

After she dropped some hints, she recalled Reum telling her, “When I do ask you, it’s going to be something even more amazing than this, so you’ll see soon.”

Right before the big moment, Reum told Hilton to get dressed up so they could take some photos together — and as soon as they arrived at the beach “he got down on one knee.”

“I just started shaking and crying because I was so excited, so happy,” she shares, adding that to make the moment even more special, Reum revealed that their family members had made the trip too.

“It was so nice that he thought to have our families there to celebrate the moment,” she recalls.

As for what the future holds, after saying “I do,” Hilton plans to take Reum’s last name.

“I’m going to take it, but I feel like a hyphenated thing like Paris Hilton-Reum, because my name is just my name. I like it,” she says, adding that she “can’t wait” to start a family together.

“It’s something we’ve talked about a lot ever since we’ve been together,” said the “Stars Are Blind” singer, who recently revealed that the couple started in vitro fertilization. “First the wedding, then the babies.”

While sharing a playful moment with his fiancée, Reum also shares if he had any pet peeves about the star.

“The good and the bad of a creative mind like Paris’, her creativity flows out in music, and art, and all these things. When it comes to keeping the house clean, her creativity also comes out,” he says. “Every day is like a treasure hunt.”

Agreeing with his assessment, Hilton replies, “I’m not the most organized person in the world.”

“Yeah, I don’t think we’re going to change that,” Reum says. “If that’s the only reason why you’re not perfect, it could be way worse.”

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Paris Hilton Is Engaged!

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On Saturday, February 13th, Paris Hilton became an engaged woman when her boyfriend, venture capitalist Carter Reum, proposed to the entrepreneur and influencer while the two were celebrating her birthday on a private island. After she said “yes,” the couple posed for photos on the beach. The images highlight Hilton’s sparkly Retrofete & Crown dress from Loschy Crowns and the new diamond ring, designed by Jean Dousset—the great-grandson of Louis Cartier—that she’s now sporting on her left hand. “I am excited about this next chapter and having such a supportive partner,” Paris gushes. “Our relationship is one of equals. We make each other better people. He was absolutely worth the wait!” After taking it all in and fully documenting the moment, the couple sat down to an intimate dinner with family, including her sister Nicky, and Reum’s brother, Courtney, and to toast their happy news.

Known as a “founder’s founder,” Reum started M13, a VC firm based in L.A. and New York City that’s invested in startups which have become household names like Daily Harvest, Lyft, Ring, and Rothys. The Chicago native attended Columbia University before beginning his career at Goldman Sachs and then ultimately striking out on his own as an entrepreneur. “From our very first date, I was able to get to know the real Paris,” Reum remembers. “As people who have seen her documentary and recent advocacy work know, Paris is kind, smart, driven, authentic, and an amazing women, and I can’t wait to have her as a partner in life.”

Since starring in The Simple Life, Hilton has built Paris Hilton Entertainment, a global brand that includes stores, product lines, and fragrances. She also recently debuted This Is Paris, a Youtube Originals documentary that seemed to capture the attention of the world during the pandemic, garnering nearly 20 million views to date. The documentary follows her experience as The Simple Life star turned business woman, but also is very personal in that she reveals for the first time that she suffered abuse as a teen. After the release, Paris began using her voice, platform, and resources to support Breaking Code Silence, an organization created to eradicate abuse of children in systemically abusive institutions.

Next up, Hilton is partnering with iHeart Radio on a series of podcasts and podposts launching on February 22nd. The “This is Paris” podcast will be hosted by Hilton herself and will include candid interview with guests, discussing everything from beauty and wellness to fashion, pop culture, travel, relationships—plus of course, her new engagement, and hopefully (our fingers are crossed!) her eventual wedding plans.

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Happy Birthday Paris!

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Paris turns 40 today and we want to wish her the best of birthdays! We wish happiness, health, love!

xoxo Team Paris Hilton Source


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Hello. Paris released a new music video for her new song ‘Heartbeat’. Check it out!