Tezenis Fashion Show

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July 23: Arriving at Verona Airport in Italy

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Paris Hilton Has Never Had Plastic Surgery or Botox: ‘I’ve Always Been Obsessed with Skincare’


Some celebrities are not afraid to admit when they’ve had a plastic surgery makeover, but there’s one star who’s never had anything done, not plastic surgery, fillers or even Botox!

Paris Hilton revealed to PEOPLE that she’s never had anything cosmetically altered. “I’ve always been obsessed with skincare,” the 37-year-old told PEOPLE during Beautycon in April. “I’ve never done any Botox, filler — no plastic surgery in my life.

So what’s her secret? She actually just bottled it up for her new eponymous skincare line, Paris Hilton Skincare.

I’ve been using this for the past two years to make sure [it works],” she said. “What’s really unique about my line is that I actually have this pro-DNA we created and trademarked. It basically promotes cellular rejuvenation to help build collagen. It will take away any fine lines.

Her collection includes everything from moisturizer to eye and neck creams and even a Unicorn Mist – which is a spray for your face that makes the skin glow — and she swears by all of them.

She explained that her skin has stayed so ageless because of the products in her line and her mom’s age old advice to stay away from the sun. “I really wanted to make a line that was for every age but especially young girls to be preventative,” she explained, saying she’s been using creams (including La Mer!) since she was 8 years old.”

She says her line (which is cruelty-free) creates the “perfect [product] so girls don’t have to do things like Botox and all of that.

And her products already have a die-hard fan, her fiancé Chris Zylka. “He loves it. He is like, ‘I never even put moisturizer on in my life.’ He had no idea about it but now every night before we go to bed I will put the creams on him and he loves it. I give him facials.

Source: people.com


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